Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That's Just... Special Needs?

When I was a kid, we used to call each other names, like butt-head, momma's boy, and dingle-berry (those little chunks of poop that hang to the hair on your sphincter). We said things like, "I know you are, but what am I" and the other kid would try to say something new, as to expand their vocabulary skills. Some people said those things to make others feel bad, some people like me used to say them just to get a laugh out of everyone else, but most of the other kids used those words primarily to hear the words themselves come out of their mouth, as if it was some sort of a rite of passage into becoming an adult. Nowadays, I don't really think it's all that different. We call each other fagot, retard, nigger, spic, cracker, fat-ass, bitch, and sometimes Chester the child molester. A lot of the time, friends will use these words to joke around with each other without any kind of hostility; it's just a way for them to express their comfort level with each other and maybe get a laugh in here and there. The only difference between this and when we were kids is that all over the country, not only do people make videos of two chicks licking their own poop out of a cup, those terms are used within a context of deep-seeded hatred towards the people they speak against. I can't help it if I likes 'em young... and retarded....and usually wearing food themed costumes... which in a sense leads me to my subject for the day.

I apologize in advance; this post is not about food themed costumes.

I don't usually go around calling people names (I have a much more colorful vocabulary to exercise), but I do appreciate being able to use words for their meaning without ignorant yuppies duct taping my mouth because they get offended in the name of other people, taking the blame to steal the credit in so many words. Ah, the college hippies and preppy schmucks in this world love to find things that'll make others notice them. They should find a cup and have at it.

What I'm talking about mainly is the word retarded. Now so far I only know of a few uses for the word; someone that's mentally handicapped, when you think an idea or situation is dumb in nature (i.e. the fact Obama is still in office is retarded), or possibly when something is slow and doesn't work right (i.e. my printer is retarded). First of all, I want to go to the core of the word itself and find it, not in a back alley doling out penguins for smack, but in a dictionary somewhere... possibly looking for meth. Let's take a look at what it says at

characterized by retardation: a retarded child.

( used with a plural verb ) mentally retarded  persons collectively (usually preceded by the ): new schools for the retarded.

But now lookie what somebody snuck in at

re·tard·ed  (r-tärdd)
1. Often Offensive Affected with mental retardation.
2. Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed.

Often offensive? Why does that definition have nothing to do with the second one? One of them is the actual definition, the other one sneaks in a little usage in there; but it's completely subjective as to what's offensive, isn't it? Here's my point. I have someone in my family that is mentally retarded. If I talk about him to anyone, that's what I say. I say he's retarded. I've been told that he's not retarded, he's a special needs child, or he's mentally handicapped. I don't see a difference other than the fact that people these days don't want to face the truth. If a child is mentally handicapped, they're retarded by definition. I know you feel bad for them; I do too, but you're acting retarded.... and stop licking that doorknob!

 Let's talk about the term special needs. I have an overwhelming urge to get off at least five times a day, so much in fact it impairs my better judgment (there's a little fun fact about me for you). That's a special need. You can call it a want, an addiction, or even a hobby; I call it a need. Smokers have the ability to choose to quit smoking... or do they? Most of them need to smoke, otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it for lack of better judgment. Some people smoke those godawful clove cigarettes. I'd consider those people in the special needs category. Circus clowns who have to wear custom-made, comically large, medically prescribed shoes because they have comically large flat feet. That's pretty special.  My point is, you can use the term for a wide diversity of things without ever touching on the mental aspect. Retarded means retarded when earnestly describing a person. There are those who call it "the R word". Seriously? I'm sorry you're not able to handle a group of letters made to create a sound that comes out of your mouth and is used in a derogatory or vulgar way, but you can't simply erase the words themselves and replace them with more flowery words in an attempt to mask your insecurities about what it means. If everyone did that, we could lose the words tease, cow, chicken, whale, toothpick, fairy, cupcake, princess, spade, eggplant, yellow, cracker, jerk, junior, and fruity just to name a few. If you really want to split hairs, the word special is used for people to make fun of each other by insinuating they're retarded. Let's get rid of that one too. We'll have to come up with yet another charmingly spoken, non-offensive sidestep term for a word we already have. Let's just call them not retarded. That's what you're going for isn't it? If they're not retarded, you should be able to call them, not retarded. Yet, you come up with a new term that means the same thing in order to push your agenda that the person in question isn't retarded, they're just underdeveloped mentally. Wait..... We HAVE a word for that! It's called, retarded. If they are retarded, you should be able to call them retarded. Sorry, but we don't have a word that means retarded but not retarded. I doubt we ever will. We might, however, have solar powered socks one day... I don't know the science behind it, but doesn't it sound expensive?


This is what retarded looks like with money.

I just thought this was funny. Enjoy.
Don't get me wrong, the word retard isn't really necessary, even though it has a hint of meaning the same thing; it's use is always derogatory and I can understand when someone takes offense, but that's still no reason to deny others' freedom of speech. I don't care what people call me, they're allowed to say anything they like, and in return I'm allowed to say anything I like. That's the way freedom works. Instead you have all of these stuck-up bigots with retarded kids and nothing better to do, trying to take freedoms away, knowing full well that there isn't one single retarded child taking offense.

So, the message for today is: Stop trying to pretend certain words shouldn't exist because of the way others use them. Not only that, stop getting offended about every little thing! The rest of us are running out of room to breathe. Besides, ff you really want to replace the word retarded with another word that has similar meaning........ how about, Juggalo?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pro Life, Pro Death, Pro Choice, Pro Choiceless

Sometimes, there's a need to be serious. This is not one of those times; but if I'm known for one thing, I'm known for controversy. Why? Because it's fun and it's free. It's fun because people get offended all day long and I was put on this Earth by God himself to put my finger in your face and poke you over and over, asking you if it's annoying yet. Why do people get mad because you dislike, disagree, teach/preach against whatever it is they're promoting? That's simple. People hate your opinion because they want their peers to think their opinion is right. When you challenge that absolute authority, you're trying to get a piece of the lion's elk. Sometimes you can have the end that loosened up postmortem, but they usually save that end for Kathy Griffin.

People ask all the time, are you "pro choice" or "pro life" ? Do they ask because they're curious like asking you your favorite color? Hardly. They ask you because they're dying to tell you their stance on the issue and most likely want to debate you on the matter if your opinion differs from theirs. People love to shove highly debatable grenades in your anus, just to see if it explodes out of your mouth. Now me, I like anus bazookas... That came out wrong... What I meant was, I enjoy shoving back; especially with points that make sense. I hope no one got as turned on as I did right there... Did they?

See, I have no idea how long people will argue about whether or not abortion is morally right or wrong, but that's not the only way to argue the issue. First of all, Why are the two stances called Pro life and Pro choice? Either you're aborting the baby or you're not aborting the baby, right? Aren't those opposite choices? Either you do it, or you don't do it. (Kind of like... you got raped by a gang of 80-year-old women dressed as Storm Troopers, or you didn't get raped by 80-year-old women dressed as Storm Troopers.) Maybe they should be named as such. Instead of calling it Pro life and Pro choice, call it Pro life and Pro death (or even "Pro prevent life"). Why don't they call it pro death? That's pretty obvious; no one can push their agenda when they blatantly say they favor death. What's funny is, Pro life is in the perspective of the baby, Pro choice is in the perspective of the mother. Isn't that a little odd, that one "choice" is named to favor the one that can't consciously make a decision and one "choice" favors one that can? On the other side of the coin we could always call it Pro choice and Pro choiceless. In this scenario, Pro choice being in the perspective of the mother and Pros choiceless being in the perspective of the baby. Seems only fair, don't you think?

You would think if it's the woman's body and she has the right to make the choice to play God, whether or not to give someone the chance to live, then the state should have a right to also play God and tie that b*itch's tubes so she'll never have the need to make the choice in the first place. Did that sound a little harsh? I mean, gee Wally... How do I even know this woman we're talking about is a b*tch in the first place? I don't know, probably because she's erasing some guy's future wife, who lightly kisses him and wraps her arms around him when he gets home from work, or some little girl's father who teaches her how to ride a bike and put sprinkles on her cookies...I might be an *sshole, but I'm a softy *sshole... Now that I think about it, that sounds like a horrible ice cream flavor.

In fact, no one that's aborted as a fetus, will never get to experience any joys in life. They'll never get to have kids of their own or watch a sunset. They'll never fall in love, read a book, drive a car, fly in an airplane, get corn stuck in their teeth, or crap their pants because they trusted that fart too much. Even with all of these things that these women prevent on an emotional level, I don't really think arguing emotionally will solve a problem. Everything should make sense on a logical level as well, which is why I think the choices themselves should be renamed to reflect the reality in the contrast. That, and I think Olive Garden should be renamed "Stand Outside and Wait Three Hours for Obese Southerners to Finish Eating".

But let's think about it another way. Let's say a woman considers herself professional; she has a career, a mortgage, an unwillingness to close her legs; a whole life ahead of her. I agree having a baby isn't the most logical choice to make. Deciding what color to paint the walls in the bathroom is a big decision too. (if you trust your farts too often, you'll be seeing those walls a lot) However, one choice ends or prevents the life of a human, the other merely inconveniences another. Of course there are cases where there could be complications and having the baby could kill the mother. I mean.... no person would sacrifice their life for their child, right? That would just be too noble to give up a part-time job at Starbucks. The fact of the matter is in most cases, you do something that can result in unwanted consequences and somehow you can dispose of those consequences, like spending actual money to see The Village. I can't get that money back, people. But this isn't a movie that can be over with in a couple of hours. This is something that the natural process will turn into a human life, something that's more valuable than your budget, your car, your cell phone bill, your career, and your newly painted bathroom combined. There is no excuse someone can come up with that will justify what was more important than letting that baby be born. Nothing. The baby's gonna be retarded (excuse me, mentally retarded)? My nephew is like that and he's the best behaved, most awesome child you'll ever meet. The experiences he's given the people around him since he's been born are priceless. Plus, as he gets older, his poop gets bigger and that's just hilarious for whoever has to clean that up.

 With everything else in life, people have to take responsibility for the choices they make. Not this time bubba. Joe Pesci comes over and says, "scrape that tissue, end the issue" (You can quote me on that, you heard it here first folks.) it's a little hard to whack an embryo from the inside with a baseball bat, but you'd be surprised how resourceful Italians can be. I know; they tell me all the time.

Anyway, that's enough for today. Tune in next time when I wear my underwear backwards to ward off those little river bugs that crawl up your pee hole.