Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"The Nothing Report" & "Braking Entertainment" Both Hate Oasis

I've finally finished my first video to be released on Youtube which happens to be a literal music video. If you're bored and get burnt out on chronically masturbating to cross-dressing pigmys that eat placentas and finger paint on each other with hamster poo, you can check it out here. In the course of my life on youtube, I'll be doing video blogs for The Nothing Report, maybe more literal videos, some other stuff in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and if we ever get some money we'll begin our sit-com project "Braking News" The name for our database of thought is kind of a play on that name, Braking Entertainment. We don't have our own website yet; let's face it, I'm just not that technologically advanced. The best I can do is spend a day and a half figuring out how to fumble my way through windows movie maker without getting skid marks in my underoos.

I've always wondered why Batman spent his spare time daydreaming about small boys dressing like him.

 Why would I do video blogs when i can just write out my frustrations? There's a simple answer for that.....

I've got a cool hat.

Anyway, since writing is what I do best, That's pretty much what my endeavors will involve on my end. I don't have any cast members yet for our web show, so in my spare time I'll just be coming up with video blogs and  trying to find the thin line that borders rape with my wife....then I'll cross it only slightly.

It's too bad I'm into reverse rape.

............more on that later.

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