Monday, August 23, 2010

Unemployment is Better than the Anus Pounder

In all of this madness concerning the economy, lay-offs aren't really a concern to people in certain fields. The medical field for one example is still thriving and probably producing more revenue than ever. Other good examples would be the porn industry, idiots with bad acting skills, giant tits, and alcoholism looking for 15 minutes of fame in their own reality show, strippers (which sometimes classify as the previous example), chain restaurants, and casinos. I had the raw end of the deal because instead of becoming a midget juggler at the circus like I went to college for, I had to pick land surveying, which is almost a dead industry now, unless you're in the private sector. Getting screwed out of even the simplest of jobs affects my private sector enough as it is. When you apply for a job nowadays, since they're so scarce, most places that pay a decent amount require experience right out of the gate. Since I've been doing the same thing for 10 years, it's about as hard as a Jew with a coupon to have already had experience in anything else. Now don't get me wrong, I'm fully capable of learning just about any job that doesn't require a license from some pencil pushing suit, but those jobs are held over for kids with nothing to pay for but their cell phone bills and Nickleback tickets (which I will address with a vengeance in a minute). The worst part about experience requirements is that you have to have experience to get the job and you have to get the job to get experience, and the knee bone is connected to the hip bone. Since jobs are few and far between, companies are cherry picking and it screws the American people like Bob Vila on an oak cabinet. I understand that people are too lazy to train business world noobs, but it beats having idiots for employees that have 20 years experience and can't even spell their name right.

I've sent I don't know how many copies of my resume, but apparently, it's not appropriate to put, "I punch babies good" under "things I do for money", so I completely changed it to say, "I punch babies well". Actually, if I squint my eyes just right, the part where I say that I've been abducted by aliens, therefore I am a spiritual person, almost looks like it says I rape bunny rabbits, but it's alright because I do. Just look at 'em, they're so f$#*ing cuddly!

The reason I'm so upset though is that there are way, way too many teenagers that don't have families to support working jobs that people like me need. Part of the problem in this economy I think is that the working age for most places is anywhere between 15 and 16 years old (I think that's right around the time most teenage girls have their third child, a.k.a. "grandma's" third "roommate"). These kids are cheaper labor, don't need much insurance, and 80% of them now wear women's jeans for some reason. Therefore, I propose each state increase the working age to 18. That way, instead of our money going straight towards those little neon lights that go underneath some chode's Honda Civic, they can go towards things that matter to middle aged men like me, like lap dances and booze... oh, and diapers and food for my children. Of course, whatever kid that has a job at the time would be grandfathered in until he or she quits or is fired because my Mcdonald's order is ALWAYS WRONG!!! Seriously, how hard is it to make a burger with no cheese, extra lettuce, one pickle on the side, no bun, no ketchup, add mayonnaise, add bologna, extra cheese, add olives, no meat, no mustard, no cheese, sesame seeds picked off in the northeast quadrant, and cut into fun animal shapes; with raw french fries and a drink, hold the cup, and a taco without sour cream? For God's sake, learn how to do your job instead of pounding my anus! Seriously, I didn't order that!


Anonymous said...

I think that jobs should be withheld from young people until they come of age OR pass a series of Exams... QUESTION 1). I think it would be cool to put neon lights under the expensive car mommy and daddy bought me.. ( )True or ( )False.

Maria Mcclain said...

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kaney said...

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Beau Horner said...

What a coincidence. My Indian name is "Scratches with Vengeance".