Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Situation on The Trump Roast: Bombed like Hiroshima

I haven't seen anyone try to tell jokes and fail as bad since Jesus told everybody he was just kidding. My wife and I watched the Roast of Donald Trump last night and let me tell you, most of it was pretty funny; but the embarrassment that this no-talent greaser "the Situation" faced was almost too horrible to watch. I thought everyone had some good jokes, including Seth McFarland and Anthony Jeselnik (which was my personal favorite for the night.), but then, out of the blue, I notice this guy cast as one of the roasters, who looks like an orange Julius come to life, make the most awful jokes I've ever heard. The Situation got nothing but silence and boos from the crowd; something I've never seen on a celebrity roast. Where's Greg Giraldo when you need him?

I absolutely have to know who hires the cast for these roasts, so I can skin him alive and roll him around in a pile of salt. Are you serious? I've never seen the Jersey Shore, but How popular could it have been with a bunch of oompa loompas dancing around lifting their shirts for the cameras? I've seen more laughs at Larry King's blood work results than I saw during his sliver of time. Is Hollywood really that short on people that can tell a decent joke?

For the record, I'm only writing about this because I'm drunk. Otherwise, I wouldn't be giving Jersey Shore grease balls the attention.


Kara Hoag said...

What does he even have to do with Donald Trump?

I'm so sick of the 'famous just because they're famous' crowd. I'm sure real celebs are too. The ones who have used their talent (mostly) to get famous.

I'm better looking and more intelligent. I want to be famous.

Deuchey jerk. Get out of my spotlight.

I may have begun to get drunk as well...

Beau Horner said...

Kara, none of them had anything to do with Donald Trump, but close friends and family probably would have done so much a worse job, we would have all been hanging from a noose before the end credits.

I watched the "Situation" and just had to start drinking before I ended it myself.... then I threw up and I couldn't figure out which horrible thing made me do it.

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