Monday, January 18, 2016

You're Sooooo Political

You have a political background or a political mind, a political family or a political viewpoint. Now tell me, where has that gotten you so far? You may be the kind of person that researches your favorite candidate for whatever office because you think they share your views, although you forget on a regular basis that the American dream is about making money, and that they're a politician. You get on the internet every day on your down time and stream hardcore furries and three girls, one jar of mayonnaise, eventually stumbling into your favorite political forums where you touch yourself the most, insulting everyone in your path that doesn't believe everything you do. You're a Cristian American. Jesus said love your enemies, but you'd love to see your enemies in flames; because "an eye for an eye". You don't believe in abortion because every life is precious, but your neighbor has kids out of wedlock, so you jump at the chance to inform them about how you're going to be sipping Margaritas in heaven while your God tortures them forever with no redeeming purpose for eternity. You'll shoot anyone who tries to take your guns away because turning the other cheek is for pussies an submitting to your governing authorities "isn't what the Bible meant". All men are created equal and you will defend that to the end, but that Mexican dude down the road looks suspicious and you'll be damned if you keep having to press "2" during an automated message while you're paying your phone bill.

With all of your Christian values, you seem to miss the point when politics are involved. There's a reason Jesus said, "Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's." He was never involved in the politics of the world. He didn't even scold the gays for not saying "My, what a lovely tea party." The express mission of Christianity is to keep his commandments by loving your neighbor as yourself and loving God with all their heart. Where in these commandments is the requirement for arguing which liar lies the least? You're worried about gays, racism, abortions, gun rights, taxes, welfare, foreign policies, like and share for bacon, ignore for Devil worship, but you're still missing the point. If you value what's written in your Bible, you should not ever be worried about whether or not Bob is giving Hank the reach around, you should be practicing to follow your leader, Jesus Christ. If every self-proclaimed Christian was doing this, we'd have a whole different argument about whether or not we would even need politics. Do not judge or you too will be judged. Sound familiar? Even the patriarch Paul said "What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?" Are you getting it? Based on what everything Jesus and his immediate followers said time and time again, the majority of you refuse to listen. It's all so simple and you just won't hear it, because "Muhrica".

So you still think that as a "God fearing, born again, Jesus take the wheel" conservative, liberal, independent, constitutionalist, socialist, libertarian, capitalist, rodeo clown, midget wrestler, you will make a difference? Let me give you some wisdom. A house divided against itself will not stand. you're all so busy fighting each other, you will never make a difference; but that's the point, isn't it? The government is a business, it is designed to create revenue off of you and your offspring. appointing new employees for a company you don't belong to is like trying to negotiate the last beer when you didn't buy the case. What better way of making things go the way you want than to preoccupy your clientele with flashing lights and jingly keys? It's called misdirection. Sure, at face value, you think they are supposed to serve you and your needs, but did you ever stop to think that maybe your needs don't sign their paycheck? Election campaigns are an investment. They spend millions upon millions of dollars trying to get elected, why? Because it's not about the money? Do you really think that any politician would apply for a job that pays less with more hours? Would you? Also, why would any rich affiliate donate their money to someone who would increase their taxes up to the percentage that you, as a hard-working, middle class American, are forced to pay? This is a business venture that you have a lot less to do with than you think. You lose more rights, more privileges, and more money every day and you seem to think that supporting your favorite team gets you free season tickets. How's that working out for you, "die-hard" Panther fans? ("We're kickin' ass!!" Yeah, sure you are.) Now do I really have to make a sports reference to prove to you that you just "being in favor" of something in your mind benefits you nothing in the real world? You know, the same world where David Bowie is dead and Kanye West is still alive? Buying a pair of truck nuts would at least give you something more tangible.

In all reality, you have a lot of people that want what's better for them and their families and you also have a lot of people that are more into instant gratification. We all experience both a little bit within ourselves at some point in our lives, but it takes a village. Instead of seeing who can say the word "butthurt" and "troll" the most on facebook, try living your life the way you're supposed to and let sin take its toll where it's supposed to. Try experiencing true religion by doing selflessly for others without judgment. You could start by selling that god-awful singing bass on the wall and your 10-year-old's iPhone to get your wife a vacation away from your whiney, privileged ass.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, which is for entertainment purposes only and serves no agenda, except for opening new avenues of thought, unless you're too busy touching yourself thinking about what political and religious views I have. By all means, keep pounding.


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