Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beau's List of Rules for Promiscuous Relations

Originally, I had plans to write about how desperate for attention and self esteem you'd have to be to consider yourself a "juggalo", but more important matters are at hand this time around. Today's lesson in life and love is something those of you who know me personally would expect me of all people to compose, simply because I have time enough on my hands to do so. Besides, how will the eager and thriving young minds of today get through their schoolwork and thesis papers without proper education in things like casual encounters, sexually transmitted diseases, and the dreaded "I don't want to ruin our friendship". So, in the spirit of progress, let's get this underway, shall we?
I call this Beau's List of Rules for Promiscuous Relations:

Rule #1: Always the bridesmaids, never the bride.......unless she's gonna do it.

This basically means that everyone is fair play. Their business is not your own, so keep your pointy little nose out of it. Nothing sucks more than a "playa" with a conscience.

Rule #2: Utilize the buddy system.

Don't you hate it when you're running the triathlon and you get a cramp in your leg when no one's around?  When having promiscuous sex, you should always bring a helper along to assist you in case the unexpected occurs. Also make extra sure that your helper is aware of their obligations prior to arriving at your destination. It's better to get it all out there beforehand rather than having to use your hand.

Rule # 3: Be a jack of all trades.

Keep in mind, not every fish goes for the same bait, so you'll need to bone up (no pun intended) on using every resource at your disposal. Whether it be Ruffies, alcohol, extacy, rope, choke hold, blackmail, or just plain ol' lying through your teeth, bring the right tools for the right situation.

Rule #4: Extreme sex calls for extreme measures.

Using protection? Then stop already; condoms are for pussies! A strong, independent individual like you needs to live on the edge. Birth control? hardly. Abstinence? not in this life, bubba. Don't be afraid of diseases and pregnancy, you're invincible! In the event you follow this rule, check your GPS for the nearest clinic.

Rule #5: Explore all the possibilities.

The world is your playground; why not your partner(s) too? Whatever the case may be, put it everywhere! Mouth, genitals, anus, the doorknob hole in the hallway, the grill out back, maybe even if you own a pet.......they could watch too! Life is short; be the Lewis and Clark of sex.

Rule #6: Leave your friends in the dust.

Ever been told, "can't we just be friends?", I don't want to ruin our friendship", or "you're like a brother/sister to me"? This is what happens when you exercise a non-sexual relationship with someone else for too long. If you want to bump uglies with them, tell them during your initial meeting. Say something like, " I may want to sleep with you in the near future. We're not friends yet and there's nothing to ruin. If you see me like a brother/sister at this juncture, you're a nut ball and should be locked in a room with pillows for walls. Now that we have that out of the way, Hi, my name is ______."
No one ever loses friends with sex. They're just too stupid to think you're well aware of the fact that they are into sex, just not with you.

Rule#7: Test the waters for your fallback guy/girl.

Don't want to sleep with everyone? That's fine, everyone has their own tastes. That doesn't mean you shouldn't flirt around to figure out your options. Remember, not everyone wants to sleep with you either, but it's good to have a back-up plan in case your significant other catches you cheating again, so keep your toes in the water.

Rule #8: Get to know your partner(s).

The dumbest thing one can do is call someone by another person's name when they're getting laid. Memorize, write down, repeat until you're blue in the face, do what you have to do to remember who's guts you're smashing. If all else fails, figure out words that rhyme with everyone's name, so you can just play it off like you were going to start talking about something else. Which reminds me: Steer clear of women named Helga.

Rule #9: Kick your standards like a bad habit.

Ugly girls, pregnant, single moms, sociopaths, nurses, and even fat women with fibromyalgia and service monkeys need love too. Whether or not you do doesn't matter; either way you're still getting play. If you set your standards too high, you may just run out of options. Keep your playbook open and a paper bag handy.

Rule #10: When in doubt, deny, deny, deny.

This one is a classic and should never leave any list of rules for any kind of relations. Whether you're lying, cheating, stealing, impregnating, passing diseases, or in some cases paying for it, deny everything. Even if your wife catches you d*ck deep in a hooker, it wasn't you. In more extreme cases, such as a video of you and an assortment of various barn yard animals or small woodland creatures, it still wasn't you. Be brave... it will all be over soon.

In the event you find this list on another website, they're plagiarizing and you should notify/come have sex with me immediately. I hope you enjoyed this informative article featuring true events and important day to day issues. Please do not follow these rules, you are an idiot if you do.


Candice said...

Nurses don't need love. We gots plenty of it coming in all directions!

Beau Horner said...

I hope you mean from old people peeing themselves, and burn victims.......which could be collaborated somehow(damn, I can't believe I've never thought of that).
I've dated several nurses and I'm assuming it's the stress from the job, but I've never met one that wasn't a total B. Are you the exception?

Anonymous said...

Here's my take on the rules for promiscuous relations. Step one: Be and incredibly insensitive fucking Douche bag. Step 2: ... well I guess it only takes one step then. WOW YOU QUALIFY!!!

Beau Horner said...

Anonymous - You forget step two...