Friday, August 8, 2008

Nut-Pals to the Rescue!!

Are you tired of not giving your child the nutritional value they need to blow bubbles and slobber all over the place while at the same time providing the utmost twisted and perverted humor that a parent could instill on their young? Look no more parents and children who are also parents (children who are also parents found only in select locations: Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, and Cleveland; void where prohibited, offer only valid with welfare and stretch marks), this is your lucky day!

Oh....wait, that's another product. Let me adjust that a tad...

Introducing Nut-Pals! The wacky fun time action drink complete with a safety oriented monkey. Everyone should have one of those.

Oh yes, one finger can change the world. It's unfortunate for me, I can't convince my wife to stand down

Click on this and bring me back up in the ranks....the monkey would do it....safely.

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Anonymous said...

As a safety professional (really) I spend a lot of my time adjusting monkeys and nuts for safety.

And all with one finger.

Alice said...

Heh heh son will appreciate your new Nut Fun.

But with a safety helmet on, of course.

threio said...

Does the monkey helmet come with the product? I need something to wear Saturday night.