Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out Ann Frank

Sometimes you wonder where you went wrong in your irrefutable influence on the opposite sex. We were at the generic version of Best Buy the other night, called "Fairly decent Purchase". Hey, it's better than shopping at "Q-Mart". Every time Q-Mart has a sale, you can't even see the prices due to the "black light special". We could have gone to J.C. Nickel's, but apparently the name brand store is cheaper by about 20%.

Now when I mean influence, I'm saying just that. SinisterDan dwelt on my finger just a tad longer than even I expected last time, but said finger is not the culprit in this case. My wife's is though.

Say hello to the greatest game in Hebrew history. "Jew Quest III"(Not to be confused with Jewel Quest III). What happened to Jew Quests I & II, you may ask? Well.........they.......didn't quite make it; so now we're traveling the world in search of one Jew. Which one? Eh........doesn't quite matter really. All you do is a search for lawyers or accountants on Google and the game's pretty much finished. Indiana Jones? No. The Mummy? Close. This is raw mathematical and monetary gameplay with penny-pinching hi jinx at it finest. Bob and weave your way through the gas chambers and get passed the camp gates to American freedom; sit down and log into the world wide web, discover Google, and make your way through one really, really, really, really short level.
Not even good ol' Hitler could "beat" the competition that you experience every time you do that Google search...........
Okay, so it's obviously boring as hell; but that's what you get from the bargain bucket in the corner of the basement at Fairly Decent Purchase. With 385 Gigs of required memory do a search on the internet.......which you already can't go wrong!

Never gonna change my mind....You're never gonna Jew me down. Oh no. I got to keep on movin'.

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Jeff said...

Yikes... you lost me at "SinisterDan dwelt on my finger"!

Kirsten said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh!
I would play the game, but as a gentile I would feel weird. Do they have a game for my kind?

Anonymous said...


wblmom said...

Oh my gosh, you are tooooooo funny.
so were the other commenters, lol

Diesel said...

Ok, now why did you feel the need to link to a Google search for "Fairly Decent Purchase"? Just to screw with me, right?

Beau Horner said...

Diesel, why are you so addicted to clicking screwed up links?