Monday, February 16, 2009

Frozen Hot things & Oriental Massages

I was in a coffe shop not too long ago. For the sake of anonymity, we'll call it Joseph Cupps. I was actually in there to buy a double shot of espresso for a tiramisu that I make (lay off, I'll stop cooking when I stop getting happy endings from my neighbors). So there I was, standing there looking at their menu while waiting to be served and what do I see in the midst of the apparent excitement poking me in the eyes from said menu?
Frozen hot chocolate...

"Hold on a damn minute", I said.

"Can I help you?"

"yeah, you can tell me how in the hell you make frozen things hot."


"On the menu up there. You have frozen hot chocolate."

"yeah, it's really good."

"I didn't ask for a taste test, I want to know how it works."

Basically, I threatened to sue them for false advertisement. The entire ordeal really freaked out everyone in the place. They thought I was on drugs or something and I wasn't about to tell them they were right; That would have just thrown off my focus. By the end of the discussion, I confused the girl behind the counter to the point she started drooling. It was really just an excuse to flirt with her a little, but now that I lobotomized her, I really don't find her all that appealing.

When I got home, the neighbors loved my dessert.


Kim said...

I have added your blog take a look. Though I must admit I wasn't able to do justice to your blog much. If you have any changes please suggest them.

Artificial Wisdom said...

heh, it's always fun to screw around with people.