Friday, February 20, 2009

Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tail...

Last night we strolled into Trailer Cuts for my usual job interview length and girth. I see it more like a casting couch than an office chair; bending over while the Man shows you the true meaning of customer service.
I put my own little twist of insanity wherever I go, so we decided to entertain the masses. We started talking with just about everyone there while two lesbians (one was the guy most definitely) stayed as quiet as a dog whistle in the corner waiting for their mullets to get made. One of them was my wife's cousin oddly enough.......... and still said nothing to us. She might have been embarrassed that her girlfriend looks like a boyfriend she had in February of last year. I told one of the employees in there to threaten a small oriental man who who was getting mad that his haircut made him look just like every other oriental man. I found out my friend's mom now has a boyfriend younger than me, but it's ok, she said he makes a crap load of money which in turn made me re-contemplate my own existence and then tip really, really big. The guy sitting next to me took a picture of the larger lady of the staff, then showed me a comparison of her and his best friend dressed in drag... I'm not sure what disturbed me more: the fact that they looked identical, or that he keeps those kinds of pictures close at hand to show to strangers. A girl with huge knockers and six kids decided she was going to flirt with me (I think she was 14) while the wife got her hair cut, so I humored her and told her about how much I love golden showers and ball gags (which is another blog all together).

By the way, if you ever convince an employee to cut a man in public, make sure you've already left. I filled out paperwork until 3 AM.

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