Thursday, July 16, 2009

Toys For Tots = Will Work For Food

This weekend, I've decided to drain my toy collection of anything not Batman. On a serious note, I'm almost on the brink of homelessness; but on the bright side, I'm not afraid of plastic wrap anymore. We just got an eviction notice, so I'm pulling out all the stops and taking a groin sized hit by getting rid of a good percentage of action figures that I've spent about the last thirteen years accumulating. Plus, they do take up a lot of room and some of them are sitting on my testicles as we speak.

This Saturday and Sunday (July 18th-19th) I'm going to be at the Metrolina Expo in Charlotte selling my wares. I figured since I have my own site, I'd give myself a free plug and maybe a bag of chips. As for a sneak peek, Some of the figures I'm going to be selling for plastic wrap anonymous meeting brownie mix will be:

- Final Fantasy VII (original Japanese)
- Final Fantasy VIII
- Resident Evil 1 & 2 (ToyBoz)
- Resident Evil (Palisades)
- Street Fighter (Resaurus)
- Street Fighter (Jazwares)
- Dragon Ball Z (Movie Collection) (Not to be confused with that dumb-ass Evolution movie)
- Marvel vs. Capcom
- X-men vs. Street Fighter
- Jason vs. Freddy
- Spawn
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Tenchu
- Armored Core
- Puppet Master
- Some Batman Dark Knight stuff (I'm being nice, so sue me.)
- Superman

I think I'm all out of the adult toys, but if you need a blow-up doll or a rubber fist........I know a guy. I wouldn't mind seeing some of my readers out there, just to say hi; but if you're looking for something for you or someone else for a birthday, anniversary, lay-off, or hate crime, there's always the other guys down there also selling toys along with sports cards, NASCAR (I hate NASCAR by the way), and all sorts of collectibles that could NOT be used in a hate crime, like pokemon keychains and red rope licorice. Well.......maybe the licorice. I can't stress enough how much these things need to leave my possession, but it beats doing favors in a back alley for smack. I mean, who the hell would want to be in a back alley? If it's dark, you could lose your smack.

So I guess, wish me luck on my endeavors and I'll let you know in a couple days how it turns out. If you live in or around the charlotte area I might see you there unless you're a douche and you're too cheap to pay the pint of blood it costs to get in. Besides, I'm not just doing it for me, but for my country and for me.

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Chrissy said...

An eviction notice, really? Well you have 30 days so let's hope you sell enough to catch up. Good luck!