Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WinBlueSoft: The Virtual Whore in My PC's Loins

I swear I have no idea why I'm being followed by massive amounts of porn sites on Twitter. I guess porn just really likes me.....or my credit card. Good thing you can find it free almost anywhere you go on the net now or I'd be in debt up to my herpes. In case you're not following me already, my Twitter is right here. Hey, cheap plugs are what the internet is all about. However there's reason enough to wear a virtual condom and practice safe surfing or you might pick up an internet STD like I did last night. Now it stings when I bookmark.

This uh, friend of mine, that's right my friend was um...browsing for a screener for a new movie last night and was asked to download the latest codec for the video player I...he had, and almost immediately automatically downloaded a scare ware/malware/prostitute program called WinBlueSoft, which is a fake anti-virus program, not to mention a filthy whore. This program blocks out your task manager, access to your C:/ drive, will not let you run the necessary programs to get rid of it, blocks your regedit command, and gives you little red bumps right above your scrotum sack. This is basically what this web-sexually transmitted bastard does to your computer:

See? It kills Winnie the Pooh.

If you or anyone else accidentally downloads WinBlueSoft, you need to delete the file, C:\Windows\system32\blocker.dll
I used Killbox to do it; then I shaved to make application of a topical cream easier.
Then you just need a program that smashes the guts of malware viruses, like WinBlueSoft and Filipino hookers. In my case I used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. If your problems persist, go to the health department or consult your doctor. This is a bitch of a virus and will take all of the money off of your night stand while you sleep, not to mention will give you what the last guy had. Please be careful what you download and use a dental damn when performing on your laptop mistress. I usually know what to look for, but this streetwalker took me by surprise and downloaded itself within seconds. They say it only takes a minute, but I achieved that unmistakable itch in my crotch before you could say.........well, just say something that doen't take long.


Skip DeKades said...

I feel your pain. This happened to me, too.

Beau Horner said...

Skip - I didn't know the term "butt load of pain" would ever apply to me until now.