Thursday, April 23, 2009

Service Monkeys Don't Pay Taxes

The best things in life are definitely free......Let's see, we have air, cobwebs, death, a kindergarten level education.........I'm really not seeing the advantage here. Are people really this greedy? Does sin tax really mean, "this was the last word we could think of to tax you for besides, 'boobies' "? in all of the confusion and taxes I can't understand how people get the money they actually get. Now, imagine this: you work a minimum wage job and the good ol' government takes about a third of your paycheck right off the top. You then take that money and proceed buying things you could do without, like that french maid outfit you just bought at Spencer's Gifts, and then you pay a percentage of sales tax. So, anything you buy, besides "service monkeys"(because I think they're tax deductible) gets another 7% or so tax depending on where you live. Going down the line, we have a third of your money and then 7% of what's left.

Here's where it gets interesting for you and confusing to the rest of the population that hurts from reading this blog. When you purchase something, that money is taxed out the ass by the government from whomever is making that money, distributed for various costs such as, let's say payroll to employees, and the rest usually goes into the pockets of one guy that has way too many french maid outfits and a jet who's fuel laughs at your poverty. Now, all of that payroll money that you, the consumer already paid every kind of tax imaginable on, will now be taxed yet again for still every tax imaginable. The only difference is that someone else is paying it. Honestly, other than charity or feeding Sally Struthers, any time money changes hands, the mafia......I mean government gets their cut. Personally, I don't see how someone could just walk up and hand me a dollar and a crack in the ground opens up to reveal a firey pit with 3-piece hands scammering to collect 43 cents of my supposed earnings. You people figure it out yourselves while I go kill myself slowly and untaxably.


Anonymous said...

Well I acquiesce in but I dream the brief should have more info then it has.

Beau Horner said...

.....I'm sorry what?

But seriously, this is another one of those spam comments I'm hearing so much about. I just had to publish it because it's written in English and I still have no f%#*ing idea what it says.