Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thanks for the Memories....and Absence of Light.

If you've ever done something stupid, you're just that much closer to becoming me. I could have fooled myself with a few barbiturates, but to my surprise, I don't take pills, so I guess I have to face the harsh truth on heroine and Frosted Flakes (that's not a street term, I meant actual Frosted Flakes).

Have you ever had a childhood memory of things that you couldn't possibly forget about? For example, when I was in the second grade, I bent over and split my dark blue jeans with the yellow threading (My mother had horrible taste in boys clothing) and exposed my He-Man Underoos to the entire class. It was like one of those "being at school naked" dreams, but this actually happened. I had to call my grandmother to pick me up, so imagine how that just sweetens the pot.
When I was about 10 years old, my yard got so dark at night because it was back in the woods, me and my friends tried to race back where everybody was having a bonfire and I ran right smack into a tree and knocked myself back into the ground. It's things like this that make your memories oh so special and ever so untouchable.... unless of course......you're a tree. Sometimes though, you have one of those memories of someone that just kind of disappears one day and you decide you're going to find said person and initiate some kind of closure in your life. Trust me, you'd be better off watching someone regurgitate their own feet followed by the ankle. You might turn out to seem like that one creepy guy with binoculars around his neck at all times and a sock puppet for a best friend, but the best advice is this: Just live your life and let your memories remain just that. Besides, comic book day is Wednesday......and one of these days I'm getting back at that damn tree.

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