Monday, July 7, 2008

Corn on the Fourth of July

Was there ever really any doubt whether or not Doritos would beat out Frito Lays?

At another fourth of July party, the only thing that gives Doritos a run for its money, is a heated game of Spades.....and bologna doesn't make a great main course. There were a few high points, however. I got paid Thursday and already I don't have to deal with that pesky money anymore; and I got to create a new invention, which I call: The Stall Key.

Evil doers beware at the bowling alley! It doesn't quite do what the name says, but how many people actually get locked out of an unmanned bathroom stall? Lucky for me it was the women's bathroom that housed the Katrina victims this time. But I digest (see picture above). My daughter didn't feel the sting of toilet uncleanliness though. She still enjoys the feeling of relief and stress free release on command with her little in-diaper plops of goodness. (see picture below)

and yes. she's doing it right there. I usually get the pleasure of taking the wipes to the impenetrable dried up walls of crusted diaper fun that could be used for making bricks at the Great Wall of China
I just hope there's a job for her in the future that doesn't involve making bricks or pooping herself......or both at the same time. Especially on a Youtube video. We'll call it, One Baby One Huggies.
I love this country.

Click on this link to get that taste out of your mouth. I know I would if I could.

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