Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One Good Burn Deserves an Allah

I can admit I’m not that computer literate when it comes to stuff like this. In these past few weeks in the making of this page, I had to figure out what an RSS feed was along with how search engines index my page; figure out how to get Photoshop without losing three pints of blood, join 37 forums, and put my left foot in AND out, all before I lost my mind did to not think good I can…

Before I started a blog page, I thought it would be stupid. I haven’t changed my mind about that. However, I’ve seen some pretty funny stuff here and there; like a page about skirmishes in the Middle East . Yeah, right. Like That’d ever happen. Are you kidding? Those people love each other over there. I once saw a video from a guy talking about how much he loved his friend, Allah. He didn’t like America too much, but that’s to be expected. He didn’t like Israel that much either…..Come to think of it, I think his friends, (let’s just call them “George”) raised gas prices too. Oh well, I suppose If anyone’s ultimately to blame for high gas prices, it would have to be janitors.

Janitors that don’t clean up public restrooms thoroughly make overly hygienic morons drive all the way back home from Pier 1 Imports and use their own toilet, complete with a soft cushiony seat that doesn’t bruise your backside, like…..gas prices! Are we seeing the connection here? Oil companies affect the cutting down of trees, which can later be used to make that pink sawdust stuff that the “janitor” doesn’t use, and instead of cleaning your toilets at Wal-Mart, he sends the sawdust and plunger/ Wal-Mart discount card to his buddy Allah in the Middle East for her kids’ vomit, which just so happened to be caused by watching NASCAR, because they (the guys in the cars) do nothing but go around in circles and make you dizzy; and they waste gas by doing so. It’s a never-ending pattern and I for one enjoy all that yummy sawdust to better think good so no pass out.


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Leeuna said...

I love your blog. You're hilarious!