Friday, July 18, 2008

Love You Long Time for Every Day Low Prices!

Without a smile on your face while you're peeing on an unsuspecting house guest, how can you ever get that charismatic persona that represents almost every aspect of the Democratic Party?This is the home of the offended and the mentally unbalanced, politically correct douche bags that sat at the "smart kids" table during lunch. You know who I mean. We live in a world where the drive-thru ATM machines have braille keypads and our children wear crotchless diapers. I could say absolutely anything and it would offend somebody. Bloggers know this, but do they also know that Wal-Mart leads people to believe they could purchase their very own minority?

and at low prices I might add. Here's the African American section. These are the "black" books right next to.....the books. Do you know what kind of "litratoore" is on the other side for us "whiteys"?
The damn Backpack Bible. I, myself have been waiting for the fanny pack Bible, but apparently I'm not allowed to "carry" things while I'm at the nude beach.......Oddly enough they let me wear pants though.....They must know me there.

So what's my point? If you weren't offended at that, how about what we did next at the homeliest place on earth:

This is the express lane, just in case you're in a hurry to get back to your wire wheel kitchen table and your Dale Earnhardt collectible glow-in-the-dark, limited edition bong set. A small Asian woman is at the counter paying with singles. My wife mentioned the possibility of her being a stripper, then resumed getting money out for our purchase. I saw the "Fie Dolla" and whispered to my wife, "give it to her"....."long time". Sadly, she'd rather buy caramel flavored rice cakes then to get some long time. What a world we live in.

Oh.... no, these women aren't Vulcans and their faces aren't really that screwed up, well not the one in pink.....but the boobs resting ever so harmlessly on the counter.....priceless.

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Alice said...

*shaking head*...My....klassy...

Anonymous said...

Democrats shop at Walmart.

Mr. Boughman said...

That was great! I should share this with my fellow Wal-Mart employees. Keep it up bro.