Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Please Stop Pooping on My Tax Money

Sometimes you wonder what the hell the government's thinking. Okay, you pretty much have to think that all the time. We're forced by logic and reason to question a flawed society of full of people that only show one eye in their myspace pictures......from their bathroom mirror......making that god-awful kissy face. But that's only a mild burden. What really bothers me is how the government flitters our money into the trash can like a giant, gay gust of wind. Are your tax dollars hard at work for you? Mine isn't and I have proof.

Picture provided by Charles Jones

This sign is located at every rest stop in North Carolina. Someone actually took the time and money to have these made; featuring a poor, dilapidated and environmentally friendly dog asking you kindly to pick up his poop......WHAT?!?! First of all, they couldn't just put up a sign that said, "pick up your dog's poop", oh no. Now, they're into mind control, distorting reality, and making me doubt my ability to read. Look, NC, if dogs could talk, they'd be asking me, "why the hell are we still at this damn rest stop? I just s*@# five minutes ago and I need me some grits and chittlins and biscuits (or whatever these hicks eat down here.) ". Honestly, I don't even think that's MY dog. Why would I pick up somebody else's dog's poop? I really don't need any poop right now per say. In the event that I absolutely crave poop, or a free map, I'll visit the rest stop. If the gov. wanted me to take the time and put animal feces in my hand, they would erect a huge sign with a picture of Hillary Clinton on it that says, "Please shove all of your poop into my mouth"; and said mouth would be the trash door. I would make an extra trip just to do that.

To our government, Spend our tax dollars more wisely and make me a Hillary sign with a poop mouth please.

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Anonymous said...

Here i am minding my own business in my own distorted world googlin pictures of money in the trash can to use as my ad and ran across your blog. I dont know what your vision is besides getting the word out about rest stop signs but keep on truckin! Hopefully ill see more of you in the promising future in this nonpromising life

Beau Horner said...

I actually had to go back and read this post again because I completely forgot what it was about. Someone else took that picture with their phone while they were at a rest area and asked me to comment on it. You're more than welcome to use it, although I can't see the application for this picture other than asking why dogs want you to hold their crap.